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Shopee Guarantee รับรายการที่คุณสั่งซื้อหรือรับเงินคืน.

There are any commodity problems " Talking ' Asking
All the goods are chosen by the shopkeeper personally to check the quality of the goods .
All the goods in the selling market are sent out from abroad . 6 8 days to arrive , If the arrival of the goods is delayed due to other factors , the buyer will be informed in advance .
International logistics when sent Shoe boxes are inevitably squeezed , Accept purchase again !
This store supports the exchange of goods , Non defective factors when returning the goods to the buyer to pay the freight to and from .
Doesn 't take a rush order If there is a time limit , please talk about it first and decide whether to buy it or not

Every cell phone and computer has color difference , Do not bid if you cannot accept it

Please read the vendor 's description and details before purchasing

Delivery is based on actual goods

If there is any problem with the commodity after receipt , Please talk about private information first , Master will give you a perfect reply . Don 't directly negative criticize oh ~ will be very sad . Please confirm the goods and sizes before purchasing . If the size needs to be changed , Please inform me before the order is completed . Freight charges without quality problems must be borne by ourselves .
This vendor offers a 15 day appraisal period , Free to return the goods , Please be comfortable buying .

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