Simple boys and girls luminous pointer quartz watch Cartoon Wang Wang team pupils belt watch

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Watches for people and positioning:
Middle school students, high school students, college students, white-collar workers, love outdoor sports, adventure, travel, photography, the pursuit of freedom, rotten, and unique young friends.

Our original intention:
"Unbeing the influence of the outside world, not being dominated by the secular, pursuing the innermost self." You live in a dull and stressful campus life, intriguing, in a real office society You, have you lost your self, are forced to accept, struggle, our brand is low-key to show you the inner world different from others, declares that you have a unique style, and always keep everyone bright.

1: The price of this product does not include the beautiful box of watches. Although the price of the box is not expensive, if you need a box, please take the box link in the store or ask the customer service to request the purchase link.

2: Wholesale customers, it is inevitable that there are inconspicuous places, more or less defective products in it, if you have received, please help to temporarily store your place, and when accumulated to more than 20, Please return to us, the postage is borne by us.

Wholesale buyers who cannot accept the above treatment plan, please do not place a order, so as to avoid unpleasant cooperation between the two parties. When you choose a quality supplier, we are also choosing potential customers who are willing to cooperate for a long time. Thank you for your buyers, and I wish you all a happy business!

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