Noise Isolating Memory Foam Ear Tips + Sponge Silicone In-Ear Earmuffs

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Product: Ear Tips+ Earmuffs kit

1Comfortable and convenient:

2. Enhancing the Music Effect:

3. Noise isolation:

Silicone Earmuffs:

1. The edge is thinner, the wearing is softer and the sound insulation effect is stronger.

2. The bass is stronger and the baritone is more penetrating.

3. Durable, versatile; Soft fitting ear wall, long wear without swelling feeling.

4. Non-toxic, harmless and odorless, no irritation to human body, no allergic reaction.

Storage Box:

Suitable for all kinds of ear caps.

Easy to carry and store.


Material: Sponge, Silicone


Memory Sponge:

Large: Outer Diameter: 12.95 mm/0.5'' Inner Diameter: 5.0 mm/0.19''

Medium: Outer diameter: 12.6 mm/0.49'' Inner diameter: 5.0 mm/0.19''

Small: Outer Diameter: 10.8mm/0.42'' Inner Diameter: 5.0 mm/0.19''

Silicone Earmuffs:

Large: Outer Diameter: 12.58 mm/0.49'' Inner Diameter: 4.56 mm/0.17''

Medium: Outer diameter: 11.6 mm/0.45'' Inner diameter: 4.56 mm/0.17''

Small: Outer Diameter: 9.2mm/0.36'' Inner Diameter: 4.56mm/0.17''

Color: Black, Grey

Net product weight: 15g

Gross packing weight: 30g

Compatibility: 4mm-5.5mm/0.15-0.21'' headphones (Note: If the size of the headphones is uncertain, large, medium and small size can determine the best size for you; medium size is suitable for 70% of users)

Packaging size: 70x50x14mm/2.75x1.96x0.55''

Package including:

3 Pair X Memory Foam Ear Tips

3 Pair X Silicone Earmuffs

1 X Storage Box

Note: Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. The measurement allowed error is +/- 1-3cm.