FURUTECH Furukawa FI-06 (G)/( R) Gold-plated, rhodium-plated fiberglass Solder-free IEC holder

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Japan Furukawa FI-06 rhodium-plated gold-plated power tailstock

Price rhodium plated 170 yuan

Gold-plated 120 yuan

Another product that must be replaced by enthusiasts, in FI- 06 IEC power tailstock arrives at the moment, I found that Furutech Fuhe company's name has reached a new height, perfect craftsmanship, thick and delicate feel, is by far the heaviest power tailstock, see Gu Hezhen The same as before, the new products of Furukawa always give people a surprise. The U-shaped groove of the tailstock and the integrated design of the pins can make the wire more tightly contact with the pins and provide the machine with the machine. More abundant energy.

As it is a solder-free product, you only need to divide the hot wire, the neutral wire and the ground wire to press it up. This product is very suitable for the enthusiast DIY motor machine or installed machine. I installed it in the later stage. -06 铑 铑 version, the effect is very obvious, the sound is more calm and more atmospheric, but also more delicate and real, for the improvement of the sound, this is a very value-for-money product, seriously recommend enthusiasts to try.

FI-06(G)& FI-06(R) HI-END Grade IEC Tailstock

Specifications: 250V /15A

Features FI-06(G) & FI-06(R) Gold or Rhodium-plated α(α) Grinding Solid Pure Copper Conductor

Material: Nylon/Glass Fiber

Specifications: Wire diameter that can be accommodated is 3.5mm (screw)

Size: 50.5 (width) × 23.9mm (DX 33.5mm (H) ± 0.1mm

Fixed hole distance: 40mm is the same size as the old FI-10 size

Japan Furukawa FI-03 15A with fuse holder

IEC power tailstock with 20mm length fuse

Price rhodium 160 yuan

Gold-plated 140 yuan

Furutech's 2009 new FI-03 series power tailstock is available, which provides players with the possibility to replace high-performance integrated fuses. FI-03 uses Furutech's superb craftsmanship and integrates with Furukawa. Advanced product design concepts such as: grounding resistance, EMI, RFI electromagnetic shielding, etc. Replacing different high-end fuses will also bring a different upgrade experience!

Furutech FI-03 15A IEC power tailstock Use 20mm length Fuse
a (Alpha) Copper Alloy Conductor
Resin and Fiberglass Insulator
Dimensions: 44.0mm (W) x 28.6mm (D) x 33.0 (H)
Safety: 10A/250V
Standard: IEC 320-1 C14
Certification: UL/CSA/VDE/DEMKO/SEMKO/NEMKO/FIMKคุณสมบัติพิเศษของเราราคาถูกรูปแบบและผลิตภัณฑ์ที่ดีสีสมบูรณ์สี o (∩_∩) o . ..
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