Double Wall Mount Shower Pump Shampoo and Soap Dispensers Stainless Steel

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Bullet Points:
The manufacture level of high-end technology, lid, safety base
Large capacity, each cup capacity of 500 ml
T-type pole, pull to produce liquid, the range of the lever pull control fluid volume, convenient, saving, practical. the quantity of liquid about 3 ml each time
Elaborate anti-buckle mode, and security card lock
The product is made of high quality environmentally friendly plastic and stainless steel, ensure that the product won't fade off paint, and aging
Fix on the wall with screws, and fix on the glass. You can also buy the powerful double glue to fix.(The suggestion is to install with screws)

The base of the installation is made up of two parts, the mounting bracket and the decorative panel. Fix the mounting bracket on the wall with the tools, cover the decorative panel, the installation is almost complete


Each product has done seal test before they go out, to ensure that no leakage to shipment, so the liquid hole of each product have a small amount of water, these are all normal

1 X Double Liquid Soap

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