Chocolate Shaker Duster + 16pcs Capno Coffee Stencils + Measure Spoon

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Duster Size: App 7.8cm(L) x 5.8cm(D)
Spoon Length: App 20.8cm
Stencils Size: App 13 x 8.3cm
Gross Weight: About 98g
Duster Material: Stainless Steel
Stencils Material: Plastic

How To Make Fancy Coffee:
Preparation: a Powder, Chocolate Shaker Duster, a cup of capno
2. Capno: Espresso + Frothed Milk
3. Choose the mold, choose your favorite pattern on the cup.
4. Spray pattern, put the a powder or cinnamon powder into Chocolate Shaker Duster, shake well and gently spray into the mould.
5. A pretty fancy coffee is completed.

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