COD[maud]Air Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser LED Ultrasonic Electric Aromather

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COD[maud]Air Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser LED Ultrasonic Electric Aromather100% Brand new and excellent quality
Product size: 110X110X100CM
With small night light
Ultrasonic humidification
Just use tap water, which would be better if you use distilled water
Low energy consumption, power 2W, safe and reliable
Easy to carry, small space to place
It is suitable for computer (USB devices), office, living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc

1. The voltage of this product is DC - 5V, please ensure that the working power supply is 5V DC power supply
2. Do not use this product for a long time. Please keep the water tank clean and dry and remove the power supply
3. It is recommended to use pure water and not recommended to add essence
4. At least once every month, wash the water in the water tank at least once, and remember that the whole machine should not be washed in the water when cleaning, and remember not to touch the atomized chip
5. If the sound or water fog is significantly smaller, please turn off the water and refill the water tank
6. This product is not suitable for children to use alone
Package include:
1 X Humidifier
1 X USB Plug